Use White Space When You Create Business Cards

When you create business cards, one of the immediate challenges is how to get all the information you need into such a small space. You need to make it clear who you are and what you do. People need to know how to contact you, and today that includes reminding them of your social media presence as well as including your website. Your custom business cards also need to further your branding, so you need to include your logo and use the right colours. And of course, they need to stand out among all the other business cards your potential customer has.

If your custom business cards are too cluttered with this information, they lose their impact. So it is a delicate balance when you create business cards. That’s why it is so important to think about the white space on the card. White space refers to the parts of the card with no printing, the blank spots. This emptiness serves some very important functions in design, and if you use it well when you create business cards, your cards will be effective instead of just average.

3 Reasons to Include White Space in Custom Business Cards

A business card with the right amount of white space simply looks better. It appeals to the eye. But why is that? What does white space do for business card design that we automatically appreciate without really noticing?

  • Clarity – Without enough white space, business cards look cluttered. They are harder to read because the information is too visually dense. It is to the eye what someone talking without pausing for breath is to the ear: overwhelming. 
  • Focus – White space tells us where to focus. The eye is drawn to the information surrounded by white space, so it helps to include white space around the most important information such as your business name to make it stand out. 
  • Notes – When you create business cards, you are trying to make a connection that will lead to a sale. People take your card when they are looking for someone to supply a product or service they need, and they will often take cards from several possible suppliers. Often, people want to make a note on a card to remind them of which company is which, and white space gives them a handy place to do that.

Knowing that you need white space when you create business cards is not the same as knowing how to design cards to get the maximum benefit from that white space. That’s why it is helpful to talk to an experienced printer when you create your custom business cards. At Printwise, we are happy to take the time to review your design with you and offer input to help you get the most impact with your cards.