What You Need to Know About Offset Printing

To find the best printing services for your project, you need to first decide what type of printing is best for your project. Most printers will offer digital and offset printing in Dublin, and it helps to understand which type of printing works best which type of project. If you are doing a cheap and cheerful run of flyers that don’t need to last long, digital printing is great. It is less expensive, and the quality is much better than it was years ago. But for some other projects, you need quality offset printing.

First, it helps to understand how offset printing works. The printer creates a plate that transfers the colour to the page. The image to print is burned onto the plate with a laser. This plate is the reason offset costs more than digital. It is also the reason that large blocks of colour look better with offset printing. It often is not worth the expense to create a plate for a short run of fliers, but with larger jobs the set up cost is less significant to the price per unit.

Offset printing is an umbrella term covering a few methods. Lithographic is one method of offset printing. The strengths of litho printing are that it works well on a range of papers and the last printed piece looks as stunning as the first.

When to Choose Litho Offset Printing

If you are searching the for the best offset printing in Dublin, you will want to pick a printer that offers lithographic printing if your job has certain requirements.

Litho printing works beautifully on a wide range of surfaces. If you are printing on heavy card or even plastic, litho will do the job best.

If you want the very special look of metallic or Pantone ink, litho is an ideal method.

When you need very clean edges on your images, litho can deliver. If you are printing very detailed images or fancy fonts, litho will keep them sharp.

On big jobs, using litho offset printing means every single piece printed will look great. Other methods can start to lose quality during a large print run, but not lithographic.

The lower cost per unit for digital printing can be tempting. But with offset printing, the cost per unit decreases as the size of the print run increases. For a flier for a short term sale, digital is fine. But for quality brochures, litho printing will give you the quality you need.

If you are considering your options for offset printing in Dublin, our expert printers can answer whatever questions you might have. We can help you decide if digital or litho offset printing is best for the job in question. Call 01-5390088 contact our expert team today here