Deck the Halls with Wall Graphics

‘Tis the season for the annual puzzle of how to decorate the office or retail space for the festive season without cluttering it so that people cannot move easily through it. A crowded space magnifies stress, so filling every available inch with Christmas decorations is not really going to make the waiting room, lobby or shop space more festive. Christmas wall graphics are a better way to bring some holiday cheer into your premises without worrying about crowding the space.

Specialized printing services can create large scale wall graphics to bring the magic of the season to your company. These full-colour graphics are applied directly to the walls, creating a magical scene without taking up any of your valuable space. Modern printing technology means these graphics can be large enough to set the mood for your space. In addition to bringing some holiday cheer to the office or retail space, they can also draw attention to specific areas or offers or make the wait time to fly with whimsical designs. And of course, there is always an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity by incorporating your logo colours, mascot or other images associated with your company into the design of your wall graphics.

How to Use Wall Graphics for Christmas

The type of design you choose is guided by your clientele and the mood you wish to create in your space. With the magic of today’s printing services, your imagination is the only real limit to what you can do with wall graphics for the holiday season. Here are a few ideas to demonstrate the possibilities.

  • Everyone loves a Christmas tree, but how can you get one that is large enough to wow people but doesn’t take up too much room? A wall graphic of a decorated tree brings all the joy but takes up none of the space. Bonus – no hassle about decorating it!
  • Children and offices are not normally a good combination. But doctors, dentists, speech therapists and many others face the challenge of keeping little ones entertained in waiting rooms. A life-sized scene on the wall of elves at work in a toy factory or reindeer in the barn can fire up their imaginations and make the wait fun.
  • Use eye-catching Christmas colours and motifs to draw attention to special holiday offers throughout your store. Images of stockings and wrapped gifts can reinforce the suggestion of purchasing your merchandise as gifts.
  • Counteract the hectic pace of the season with relaxing nature images such as a snow-dusted forest. Rich green holly with bright red berries, pine trees, robins and deer gently reflect the Christmas season while also fostering a tranquil mood.

Printing services can create custom wall graphics for Christmas and every other season and occasion. Why let the walls go to waste when you can use them to set the mood and reinforce your branding? If you are curious about how you can use festive Christmas wall graphics in your office, clinic or retail space, contact us today.