Using Trifold Brochures for Marketing

Digital marketing is critical to success now, but printed materials still have an important role in promoting your brand. Many people prefer to have detailed information about your products and services on paper. Potential customers can review brochures from a few companies at one time and make their own notes on them. When people call into a brick and mortar location to see products or discuss services, a brochure will serve as powerful reinforcement of the messages staff give them about the company’s products and services.

The most convenient and economical type of brochure is the dimension lengthwise trifold. The DL trifold brochure is an A4 sheet folded into thirds. This can hold lots of detailed information while also fitting neatly into a standard envelope or leaflet stand. People find them easy to carry around as they can fit into pockets and handbags. While potential customers might baulk at taking a whole catalogue home, a trifold brochure is harder to resist.

The design also means you can easily cover a range of topics in clearly distinct sections. So you can separate your products or services into categories and use other sections to share your brand’s story, philosophy and contact details.

When to Use Trifold Brochures

Because they are inexpensive and take up little space, trifolds are a popular hand-out in retail stores. But that is not the only situation where they are the ideal medium. Trade fairs and networking events are just two examples of B2B uses. These brochures fit perfectly into a standard envelope, so they are ideal to include in a mailing. For example, if your company sells wholesale and invoices monthly, you can include a trifold brochure when you post your invoices to introduce clients to your full range of products and services.
Restaurants, spas and leisure centres also use trifold brochures. This is a great format for a menu, whether it is a restaurant menu or a menu listing services at a spa, hotel or leisure centre. This size works well for anything from a take-away menu to a wine list.

Images and Design Tips for Trifold Brochures

The design of a trifold offers a unique benefit. It guides the reader through the information in a particular order that features a big reveal. First, people see the cover. The images here are important. The design must catch the eye while also reinforcing your brand. Photos used must look good at a smaller size to fit on the cover. Remember, these long, slim brochures are often displayed in stands where only the top section is visible. Expert printing professionals can help design a trifold brochure for maximum impact.

After the cover catches their eye, people will open it. First, they will see the single panel on the right, which is a great spot for some compelling information. They will also see the left panel and open the brochure to see the full three-panel inside. That is where they get the reveal. This section can be used as three separate panels listing different information or it can showcase one large, impressive graphic and relevant text.