Using Large Posters Effectively

Right now, businesses have a lot of information to communicate to customers. If your company has customers visit in person, they need to know about your strategy to protect them from exposure to COVID-19 in particular. But they also need to know the details of how your business is operating in these new circumstances. Are there delays? New procedures? Guidelines they need to follow? Large posters can include everything they need to know as well as a big welcome to remind them of how much your company values their support. And of course, you want them to know about any special offers or promotions! Large posters are a great way to communicate all of this information clearly.

Make the Most of Large Posters in Your Business

While the size alone makes an impact, you can make it even stronger by following a few guidelines. The goal is to make sure the poster catches the eye, can be seen clearly and communicates well.

  • Don’t cram too much detail into a poster:  yes, they can hold a lot of print. But using too much text backfires. Include clear, simple graphics and large text to communicate key messages effectively.

  • Position posters where people can read: try to put your posters where people can stop by without blocking others moving through the premises. Look for a spot where the poster can be seen from the entrance, but there is space for people to pause in front of it without blocking others entering.

  • Use vibrant colours: while the size of a large poster catches the eye, using strong colours make it unmissable. Make sure your poster stands out from the wall where it is mounted with vibrant colours. If your message is about COVID-19 safety, using the distinctive bright yellow and black will alert visitors instantly.

  • Make your brand stand out: all signage on your premises should reinforce your brand. Even if the message of the poster is specifically about COVID-19, you can include your own brand name in its usual font with a logo.

  • The more the merrier: repetition is powerful. If your space permits, using multiples of the same large poster can ensure that visitors get the message. If they overlook it in one location, they will see it in another spot. Or perhaps they only take in part of the message at first glance as they pass one poster. When they pass the next one, they will absorb more of the message. Using a consistent design and message also helps ensure that your visitors really get the message and retain it.

Large posters are a powerful way to communicate with visitors to your business, whether you have a retail shop, a restaurant or an office. Any type of business can use posters to effectively deliver their message, whether it is about a special offer or promotion, COVID-19 safety or anything else. Contact our team if you have any questions and check our options today.