Types of Paper for Printing Invitations: What Should I Choose?

A special occasion calls for special types of paper for printing unforgettable invitations. Our lives are full of milestone events, from births and christenings to significant birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. For those big occasions, custom invitations let your guests know it is no ordinary party. They also make lovely mementos of important occasions. If you are considering printing custom invitations for a special event, it is important that every detail is in keeping with the theme and mood for the occasion.

With so many types of paper for printing available, it can be hard to make a quick decision. It helps to know a bit about the different kinds of paper for printing and what is distinct about each one. Different types of paper have different textures and weight. They come in different colours. The weight and thickness of a paper determine what kind of printing will look best on it. So if you have a specific font, image or printing style in mind, you can ask your expert printing company which types of paper will work best for what you want.


Know Your Types of Paper for Invitations

The best types of papers for printing invitations are thicker and more luxurious than the paper used for other projects such as brochures. Paper for invitations can be vibrant or refined, depending on the occasion. Here are a few of the most popular types of paper for printing custom invitations.


  •         Constellation Snow  is an exquisite, luxurious paper that is nice for custom wedding invitations or other elegant occasions. Featuring an embossed linen feel, this paper is quietly sophisticated. Constellation snow is uncoated, and comes in a range of muted, natural colours. 
  •         Lux Paper  is a sandwich of three sheets layered together. The middle sheet is a different colour than the two outer sheets. This is a very distinctive, special paper. It announces that the event is going to be festive and unforgettable. It’s great for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. 
  •         Silk Paper  is ideal when you want to print in bright colours. It feels very different than most types of paper for printing as it incorporates actual silk fibres. The finish is between matte and glossy, making it very versatile. This coated paper makes the printing easier to read, so it is a good match when you want to use a fancy, detailed font.


Many different factors determine the best types of paper for printing different projects. Talking to an experienced printer is the best way to ensure you get the end result you want.


Not all papers work well with all types of printing or all images. An expert can tell talk you through the process of combining paper, print method, colour and design to create the perfect custom invitation for your special event.

Still unsure what to choose? Philip and Liz will be delighted to help.