Top Tips for Creative Custom Business Cards

The point of custom business cards is to make your business stand out – but how creative can you get with them? Where’s the balance between boring and wacky? Your business cards should be distinctive and represent your brand well. But you don’t want them to just blend into a stack of the competition’s cards. So the trick is to figure out what you can do to make them unique without resorting to gimmicks make your card awkward or make your company look unprofessional.

One of the most fundamental things about your business card is its size. Most are a standard size, but if you are getting custom business cards printed, you can make them larger or smaller than the standard size. But that doesn’t mean you should! Consider your target market and what is convenient for them. If your company sells business-to-business, your clients want to be able to store your card with others, so an unusual size would be an annoyance to them. If your market is older people, a larger card with larger print will be easier to read for aging eyes. Do you want people to keep your card in their wallet? If so, your business cards must fit into standard wallets.

The paper stock you choose for your custom business cards might not be the first thing people notice, but it subtly communicates a lot about your business. Using quality paper stock says you care about details and providing excellence. A cheap paper stock can suggest to people that your company will cut corners to save money. What is the message you want your business cards to convey?

Designing Your Custom Business Cards

The design of your custom business cards has two goals: to introduce your brand and to convey your contact details. Successful business cards balance these two goals so neither obscures the other. It can make sense to rein in a bit of the colours, fonts, and images of your brand to ensure the card is easy to read. For example, if your logo uses a font with a lot of detail, it’s best to put the company name in that font and the rest of the information in a plain, sans serif font.

Business cards are quite small, and you need to get a lot of information on them. They should include your company’s name and logo, the name of the individual staff person, and the full contact details for the business such as the phone, email, physical or postal address, and website. You can also include icons to say which social media your company uses.

Working with an experienced printing company is the best way to ensure that your business cards represent your brand and convey the appropriate details. Yes, you can get purchase cheap business cards online, but you will be very restricted in the design. When you work with a printing company, you can ask questions and get professional advice about the best card stock and how to incorporate your logo and other design elements without sacrificing readability.

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