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Make Your Business Christmas Cards Matter

This is a holiday where we won’t see much celebrating with clients or greeting customers in person. So it’s also a year when your company Christmas card matters more than ever. Businesses started sending out holiday greetings long ago for some very good reasons, and the tradition has held on because it still works. Before…
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Visiting Card vs Business Card

A visiting card is not a business card. Although they are similar, the two types of cards have different purposes. Making your business cards do double duty as visiting cards can leave the wrong impression. So what exactly is a visiting card and how is it different from a business card? To understand how they…
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Top Tips for Creative Custom Business Cards

The point of custom business cards is to make your business stand out – but how creative can you get with them? Where’s the balance between boring and wacky? Your business cards should be distinctive and represent your brand well. But you don’t want them to just blend into a stack of the competition’s cards.…
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