Welcome Clients to Your Salon with Helpful COVID-19 Wall Graphics

It’s clear that we are going to be living with COVID-19 for a long time, and all sorts of businesses need to have proper signage explaining their safety rules to customers. For hair and nail salons, as well as barbers, this is especially important. These professionals are working in close proximity to customers for long periods. To keep everyone safe, all clients must understand what is expected of them when they enter the business. The right wall graphics can make everything clear, while also keeping the tone welcoming and upbeat.

Friendly, positive reminders are key to keeping people aware of the need for masks, distance, handwashing and cough/sneeze hygiene. Bright, eye-catching wall graphics in strategic locations around your salon will communicate all of the necessary details in clear, simple terms. Using professional printing services to create your COVID-19 signage demonstrates that your business takes safety seriously and has high standards. Posters, floor stickers and wall graphics are also important for staff and other visitors such as suppliers.

What COVID-19 Signage Does Your Salon Need?

To decide exactly what posters, wall graphics and floor stickers your salon needs, consider the way clients, staff and suppliers move through the premises. Every entrance should have an appropriate reminder of your protocol, asking people to mask up and reminding them to keep two meters apart where possible. This is also a good place to reinforce the messages we’ve all seen about coughing and sneezing into our elbow.

The waiting area is perhaps the most critical place in a salon for COVID-19 signage. Here clients will need floor stickers to mark exactly where they should stand while talking to the receptionist as well as wall graphics to show where they should sit while waiting for their appointment, where to leave coats, etc. Once they are with the stylist, having some clear signage reminding them of the rules is an excellent back up in instances where the stylish might have to remind someone. And of course, good COVID-19 signage also helps prevent those instances!

Clients are not the only people on a premises. Printing services can also provide helpful wall graphics for staff and other visitors such as suppliers. We all naturally tend to relax in the staff break room, so floor stickers to show where people should wait while one person is using the kettle, for example, are very helpful. Suppliers making deliveries need a clearly marked path to bring in supplies, and you can use wall graphics and floor stickers to direct them also.

Going to the salon to get your hair or nails done is a treat. Many clients go as much for the sense of relaxed pampering as for the actual service they are receiving. While no one wants to upset their clients with dire health warnings, people do tend to be anxious when they don’t know what is expected of them. Cheerful messages focused on thanking them for their cooperation can actually help clients relax knowing you are watching out for their safety. Using high-quality printing services for professionally produced COVID-19 signage gives your clients solid evidence that you are prioritising their welfare.