Quality Printing for Branded Material


While your exterior signage is the first thing people see when approaching your premises, it is not the only visual impression of your brand. Once inside, potential customers will see a lot of other signage – including some that you might not consider. But every message they receive influences their perception of your brand. A hastily written or badly photocopied notice sends a clear message – as does one that uses your logo in full colour on high-quality paper. Your signs give people specific information about your business such as your hours or policies, but they also give a message about your brand’s values.

Let’s look at a restaurant as an example. The exterior frontage, the comfort and ambience of the interior, the quality and presentation of the food and the service are the things that people consciously notice and discuss with their friends. But to establish a clear brand image for dinners, you need more. You want them to remember more than what they ate and how friendly and helpful their server was. Critically, you want them to remember the name of your restaurant. That’s where using quality printing makes a difference.

How Quality Printing Promotes Your Brand

The restaurant's menu printing is the first thing that comes to mind. Obviously, it needs to look good and include your restaurant’s name and logo. But that is only the start. Restaurants often have other signs up too, and it is tempting for managers to make them up quickly on the cheap. But people notice. And it reflects poorly. If you have a notice asking people to wait to be seated, signs directing them to the restrooms or explanations of any policies or designated areas, these merit quality printing on excellent paper. Your bills should also be on paper that enhances your brand. They should feature the restaurant’s name and logo. Why miss this opportunity to boost your brand’s profile?

Restaurants often feature daily specials. Because they change, the restaurant needs to be able to print them quickly. Having stationary printed with the name and logo allows a restaurant to quickly and easily print off the daily specials in a way that reinforces the brand.

Restaurants are only one example. Every type of hospitality venue has similar needs. From large hotels to exclusive day spas to corner cafes to family leisure centres, every venue needs a wide range of printed signage. And every sign is an opportunity to remind customers of where they are and what your brand is about.

Making your logo prominent, and using quality paper and the precise colours reinforces your brand’s identity. The more people see it, the more they remember it. And the better the quality of what they see, the better the impression they have of your business. That’s why quality printing matters so much for any business. Restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, cafes, and every other type of tourism or hospitality business can gain a lot by establishing a good relationship with a reliable, quality-oriented printing company.