Trifold Printing

The DL (Dimension Lengthwise) trifold leaflet's tall and slim design gives them a sophisticated edge and their handy size makes them ideal for placing in leaflet stands, price lists, vouchers, menus and invitations. Make the most of the DL trifold's sleek dimensions by creating your own design.

Leaflets and flyers work like oversized business cards with that added extra. Your target audience gets a bite-size vision of what you do. The most common mini brochure or leaflet is the DL trifold which is an A4 folded to DL. You can put a lot of information on it but when it’s folded down to the DL Flyer size again it’s easy to send out and display. It’s also very cheap to produce as it’s a simple A4 sheet folded twice. 

Available plain or with matt or gloss lamination, our DL trifold leafletss boast chic dimensions and a stylish finish - perfect for turning heads and drawing the crowds in! 


trifold leaflet printing dublin

trifold leaflet printing example


trifold printing example

trifold printing

Trifold Leaflet Printing

If you’re looking for a local Dublin company to supply DL trifold flyers at a very reasonable cost – look no further. DL trifolds are our speciality. DL (Dimension Lengthwise) measures 99mm W x 210 mm H. It’s a very popular sized flyer because firstly, it’s shape fits neatly into your standard business envelope and secondly it’s a very economical flyer to print as it can be folded from an A4 sheet. A standard compliment slip is also DL in size 

Design Of Tri fold Leaflets & Flyers 

We will talk you through all possible dimensions and latest finishes that are available to you and your project. Learn about the most popular printed leaflet and flyer formats including DL, A6, A5 & A4. We also offer bespoke print with extra special sizes, shapes or special effects with die-cut and spot varnish. 

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