Printing Services for Back-to-School COVID-19 Signs


Printing Services for Back-to-School COVID-19 Signs

This is a back-to-school season like no other in living memory. Parents, teachers and students need more than the usual books, homework journals and new uniforms. This year, one of the most important lessons children will learn is how to stay safe at school during a pandemic. Schools can use professional printing services to get the posters, signs and floor stickers they need to keep excited children aware of their physical distancing and all the new procedures. While the Department of Education is providing posters about handwashing, cough etiquette and the like, schools can opt to also have an additional floor and wall stickers.

Children will be excited about returning to their school building, and being children they won’t be very good at remembering to keep their distance when they see their friends. It will be up to the staff to help them remember, and appropriate distance marked clearly with floor and wall stickers will help. While schools range from small buildings in rural areas to multi-storey structures in cities and large towns, they have one thing in common. They will need good signage to show students exactly where and how far apart they need to be.

Using Floor and Wall Stickers in Schools

Primary school children are still learning to use basic measurements. Seeing visual reminders of how far apart they need to be will help keep them safe. Here are a few ways schools can use floor and wall stickers for COVID-19 safety.

  • Corridors should have floor sticks reminding them of one-way systems and marking where they should stand. 
  • Offices and teacher’s desks can be marked with floor stickers showing a line students should not cross to keep a safe distance. 
  • Floor stickers can mark out individual pods or bubbles and remind students not to enter each other’s space.

Getting quality floor and wall stickers from professional printing services mean they will be durable enough for the foot traffic in schools.

Other Back to School Printing Services

Schools still need all of their regular printing services too. Homework journals, educational classroom posters, planners and more are part of the normal school experience. In these strange times, those little touches of normality can be comforting as well as functional. Our educational range offers a series of options with everything your school needs to get back on track: 


  • School planners: part of the school’s everyday life, these are used by pupils and signed by their parents or guardians. Give them a personalized touch with an exclusive cover including the school logo, colours and design, to make it even more memorable;
  • School posters: these can be tailored to spread important messages on the school corridors;
  • School prospectus design: primary, secondary and academy schools nationwide can use these to introduce their facilities to parents, guardians and others, highlighting your school brand. 


Working with custom printing services, your school can design materials that promote a strong sense of community and remind children that you all look after each other in your school. You can choose to keep the exact design you’ve always used or to add any message you think appropriate in these times.

Contact us today to make sure you have all of the printed materials, educational posters and floor stickers you need to welcome students back to school.