Printed Materials for School – What To Look For?

While students are counting down to the end of the school year, school administrators are busily planning for September, when it all starts again. It’s time to look at where your school could get better value on necessary expenditures and how to make staying organised easier for students and teachers alike. Finding the right quality printing experts can help on both counts.

Schools need a range of printed materials including school prospectus, homework journals, school posters, school reports and A5 books for a variety of purposes. Having all of your school materials printed in one place is convenient. You save time because you only have to deal with one vendor, and at Printwise, we get to know our clients and understand their needs.

What Schools Should Expect from a Printer

Regardless of the specific project at hand, schools should look for a printer who can meet and exceed their needs. What exactly do schools need from a printer?

  • Precise School Colours. Your school’s colours are part of your identity. Students, parents and the community recognize them. So they need to be consistent across all of your printed materials. It is not always easy to achieve this when you require a range of school materials printed, but when you work with experienced experts, you can expect them to take the time to get it right. Using different printers for different jobs makes it unlikely that you’ll get the precise hues in different materials.
  • Bespoke Design. Creating bespoke materials instead of using off the shelf designs gives your school an opportunity to provide school materials that visually reflect your ethos. What makes your school special? What images reflect the character of your institution? We’re happy to work with you and help you select the images and designs that best show who you are at your school.
  • Comprehensive Range of Products. Schools use a huge variety of printed materials, and it takes a lot of time and energy to source them from multiple vendors. Why not consolidate with a quality printer who can meet all of your school materials printing needs? From school reports to materials for parents to inform them of school policies and events to display materials for events, Printwise can do it all and ensure that your materials are consistent in colour and design.
  • Expert Advice. Every school is different and has different needs. Your school’s needs might change as it grows and tries new approaches. Our experienced staff can talk to you about what has worked with similar school clients and what will meet your school’s needs. We’re available to answer questions and offer advice, and we’re happy to work with you to ensure your printed materials meet your needs.

Your school’s printed materials matter. Choosing quality materials shows that your school takes your students and their needs seriously. And it does not have to break the budget to provide coordinated, bespoke school materials. Students are expected to show up dressed neatly in their uniforms every day. Shouldn’t their school materials look as good as they do?