Preparing Your Venue for Reopening

After several long months, more businesses in the hospitality sector are reopening or preparing to do so. It is a whole new world since they closed in March. It will take more than a fresh order of supplies and good cleaning to prepare pubs, hotels, restaurants and other venues to reopen. Fáilte Ireland developed a set of detailed and practical guidelines to prepare them to reopen safely. With so many new rules and procedures, the right COVID-19 signage is essential for reopening to the public. From poster printing to floor stickers to menus, printing services are a critical part of reopening in our new reality.

From the moment patrons arrive, it is important that they see what the rules are. Poster printing can be the first step, but other printing services are just as important. By now, people are mostly aware of the basics – wear a face covering, keep two meters apart, and wash hands frequently. It’s essential to remind them of the basics, but what people really need when returning to your venue is the information that is unique to your business. They need obvious visual cues directing them through the place safely, and COVID-19 floor stickers and wall graphics are an effective way to do this.

Printing Services to Guide Customers through Your Venue

Many businesses are implementing a one-way system for customers to move through their premises. This can be an effective way to help people maintain a two-meter distance while also giving them access to everywhere they need to go within the premises. Good COVID-19 signage makes it simple. Floor stickers indicating the appropriate paths and direction make it easy for people to understand the new system, and where appropriate, wall graphics can reinforce this.

If people are approaching a bar, counter or desk, giving them a visual indication of how close they can get protects both staff and customers. Think of it as a yellow box on the road. Floor stickers can mark out the area where they should not stand. You can also use floor stickers and wall graphics to show them exactly where they should stand to speak to staff. Custom poster printing can create a large sign to explain it all in your own words and tone.

Restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels all use menus, and these can be another great way to explain your establishment’s new rules. They can complement and reinforce your COVID-19 signage. Printing services can provide you with new menus that feature your COVID-19 related changes as well as your offerings.

These are uncertain times for the entire hospitality sector. We are all operating under new and changing rules and regulations. It’s critical to explain your rules in a friendly, welcoming tone. The right printing services can provide the posters, wall graphics, floor sticks, menus and whatever other COVID-19 signage your business needs.