Merchandise Printing – Brand Continuity at Events

Most business owners understand the importance of continuity for their logo. Without one consistent logo design, people will not remember your brand easily. So getting the design, colours and fonts precisely right on every rendition of your logo is essential. People need to recognize it instantly when they see your letterhead stationery, your website, your business card and your social media profiles. Any quality printing company knows this. But it is equally important to have continuity for your brand’s entire presentation on and offline: that includes events, and it is when merchandise printing will come in handy.

Trade Shows

Does your company sell wholesale or business-to-business? If so, you probably attend trade shows and set up an exhibition stand to greet potential customers. Posters for trade shows tell everyone who you are and what you do at a glance. They are visible from a distance. A poster is an ideal way to introduce people to your brand, and quality printing is essential. Your trade show posters should include your logo and brand name on a background that is consistent with your other brand materials. A poster can also list your key products or services. You will also be distributing flyers, catalogues and price lists at trade shows. All of these materials should be visually consistent and of the best quality.

Conferences & Seminars

Training and networking events are wonderful opportunities to introduce your brand to potential buyers. If you are organizing any kind of conference, seminar, training or networking event, you have a lot of material to prepare for attendees. The merchandise you hand out here says a lot about your brand, and cutting corners by distributing cheap photocopies will most certainly damage your image. Therefore, preparing your merchandise printing in advance is essential. You can think of creative ways of incorporating your logo and other materials not only on leaflets but also on agendas or presentation folders you can hand out to potential business partners.

Sporting & Social Events

For many local businesses, sponsoring local sports teams and participating in local events is the best marketing tactic. People like to support businesses they see supporting their community. The key word there is ‘see’. Repetition is a classic marketing tactic - it has endured because it works. Getting on the sports jerseys and banners is the minimum. If you can provide or distribute printed materials that include your brand’s logo, so much the better. What about providing a schedule of events, a map or other key information to event goers using custom printing to include your brand’s logo and imagery?

Events are a great way for any type of business to meet and greet potential new clients and to reinforce existing relationships. Using custom-printed supports such as brochures, posters, presentation folders or timetables helps keep your brand visible. Ensuring your merchandise is of great quality creates an excellent first impression and will help consumers recall your brand more easily in the future. Learn more about the different types of services and materials we offer, or, if you already have an idea of what you need, get a quote from us!