What Makes a Good Corporate Brochure

When your company is preparing to print a corporate brochure, you put great thought into the contents and message. What exactly do you want to say to your audience? Do you intend your brochure design to introduce your brand and give an overview of what you do? Or, do you intend to use it to launch a new product or service? Whatever reason your company has for printing brochures, it is a great opportunity to develop and build your brand identity.

While the actual texts and images in the corporate brochure design are critical, they are not the only factor in making it stand out. There are subtle factors that affect the way the viewers’ sentiments are aroused, and they subconsciously form an opinion about your brand. These details are not always obvious. People might not even be able to put their finger on why your print brochure gives them a particular feeling about your brand. These details have power, especially in marketing.

These subtle elements are greatly influenced by the designer you select, the colour scheme you use, and even the paper you use for your messaging.

Questions to ask when Printing Corporate Brochure

After determining the purpose and message of your corporate brochure, it is important to consider the following questions:

  • Can a professional designer make this better? If you are simply reprinting a successful brochure, it is probably fine. However, if you are creating a new one, why not ensure it is the best it can be by working with our expert design team? We can spot any issues and opportunities to improve your brochure messaging and create a bespoke printing solution for your business


  • What type of paper stock is best? The paper you use for your brochure should be durable and purpose-specific. Is it something you want people to keep for future reference or is it about a short-term special offer? Is your brand about luxury or cheap and cheerful bargains? Paper stock determines the lifespan of your print brochure, and it sets the tone too.


  • What colour scheme works well? Obviously, you want to incorporate your company’s logo and colour scheme, but do you also need to balance it with any other logos - perhaps for a partnership deal or event? The colour used in your corporate brochure printing helps create an impression of your brand. Does the mood of whatever you are promoting with this brochure need a colour scheme that goes beyond your brand’s logo colours? If you are unsure, our managed print services can guide you towards the right direction.


  • Is digital or lithographic printing appropriate? Digital printing is great when you need a small number of brochures printed quickly. But when you require a large volume of high-quality brochures, litho is ideal.


  • What finish should you use? The last question to ask before printing your corporate brochure is the finishing technique used. Do your brochures need to be folded, laminated or perforated? These final touches matter. Shortcuts here will undermine the effectiveness of the messaging.


Printed brochures can be powerful marketing tools. It makes sense to invest in making sure they are done to a high standard. Quality brochures tell your audience that you are credible and professional. If you cut corners on your brochures, people will suspect that your company cuts corners on your products and services too. Working with brochure experts ensures that your company’s brochures will make a great impression on your audience.