Large Posters to Explain Your Mask Policy

With the recent announcement that face masks should be worn in shops, retailers need an effective way to explain their policy to customers quickly. While most people in Ireland are aware that face masks are recommended, many need a friendly but firm reminder. Having large posters explaining your store’s policies about masks to stop the spread of COVID-19 will prevent confusion and make life easier for the staff who interact with customers.

With professional poster printing services, you can have signage prepared very quickly that features your own logo and branding with a custom message that reflects the tone of your other messaging. Large posters placed near the entrance will help ensure that everyone coming into your premises knows they are expected to wear a mask. If someone is not wearing a face covering, good signage makes it easier for staff to approach them with a friendly reminder. It is not easy for staff to enforce these rules, and making the rules very clear before people enter the premises reduces how often they have to deal with customers not wearing masks or face shields.

What to Include on Large Posters about Masks

Many people will have questions about the new rules about masks and face coverings. While your signage should be clear and concise, large posters do give you space to address some basic questions. When you are arranging your poster printing, consider including the following on your COVID-19 posters.

  • State that face masks or shields are now required in your premises to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 
  • Mention that this is a government mandate and new laws are pending. This should be brief so as not to create visual clutter or confusion. A simple ‘As per government mandate, face coverings are now required to enter’ or similar wording is adequate. 
  • Explain any exceptions such as small children, people with medical conditions, etc and how people who require such an exception should notify your staff. 
  • Offer alternatives if appropriate such as online or phone orders that can be delivered or collected without entering the shop. 
  • Thank people for their cooperation. It’s important to keep the tone friendly and let people know you appreciate their cooperation. 
  • Use your company’s name and logo prominently. Never miss a chance to reinforce your brand! 
  • The distinctive bright yellow and black colours will let people know at a glance the poster relates to COVID-19 protocols.

People are eager to be out shopping and socialising again, but also unsure of the new rules. While the government has said masks are now required, it will take some time for the legislation to be drafted and enacted. In the meantime, retailers and other businesses open to the public can use poster printing services to create effective signage. Because this is a new requirement, using large posters to get attention is important.

If you are in doubt on how to include adequate information in your large posters or if you are having difficulty personalising them before printing, contact us. Our team can quickly help you personalise your large posters to include any extra information needed, and apply your branding and design to posters with information about COVID-19.