What Is Large Format Printing?

When you need to make a big statement, large format printing does the job. What is large format printing? It is a specialised printing service to create very large printed materials such as signage, banners and window graphics. Large format printing is not just poster printing, but it involves specialised equipment that can print huge signs in one piece. This equipment can print on a wide range of materials, not just paper, to create durable signage for a variety of purposes and locations, including outdoors.

Due to advances in printing technology, large format printing is now faster, better and more affordable than ever before. If your company priced large format printing in the past and decided it was too expensive, you will probably be surprised at how affordable it is now. Today’s large format printing presses also give you more vibrant and precise colours. Here are some of the materials Printwise can produce for you.

What Is Large Format Printing Used For?

Large format printing has a wide range of uses, both indoors and outdoors. Here are a few of the most popular types of large format signage.

Outdoor Posters: mounted on walls or bus shelters, outdoor posters catch the eye of passers-by. It’s an effective, colourful way to get your message to those walking or driving. Your logo in its precise colours and a simple tagline grab attention and build brand awareness.

Window Graphics: promote your brand, create some privacy and have fun with window graphics. Those outside can see your graphics, while those inside can see clearly out the window. This is an ideal solution for medical clinics, solicitors and any other office that wants to let some light in, while keeping prying eyes out.

Wall Graphics & Signage: quirky quotes and pragmatic directions can be powerfully communicated with large format indoor wall graphics and signage. This format is excellent for guiding people to specific locations in a large building or giving them something to read and ponder in a waiting room or lobby.

Pull-up/ Retractable Banners: this durable solution can be used over and over and is easy to transport. If you give any presentation or talk or if your brand sets out a stall at conferences, trade fairs or other events, a pull-up or retractable banner is a convenient way to bring your message with you.

Selfie Frames: give people a chance to have some fun and capture a moment with your brand identity with a giant selfie frame. These are also very popular for weddings and parties. Set up your own large-format selfie frame and watch people pose for their photos in it.

What is large format printing’s best use? That depends on your specific needs. We’re happy to talk with you about how you can best use large signage and banners to promote your brand indoors and outdoors with stationary and mobile options.