Keeping COVID-19 Signage Effective

By now, everyone on Earth is well aware of the COVID-19 crisis. The messages about handwashing and facemasks have gone out globally on large posters, leaflets, wall graphics and every other type of printing. Some countries have even used songs to communicate the message about how to protect each other from this virus. Yet, being human, people are still slipping up. The reminders are critical, especially as businesses are caught in a cycle of closing and reopening. People can easily be confused about some of the requirements that are beyond the basics. Is your shop doing Click and Collect? What items are deemed essential? Can they get contactless delivery?

The need for COVID-19 signage isn’t abating, and the need to ensure the large posters and wall graphics are effective is more urgent than ever. It’s fair to ask, does repetition make your signs more or less effective?

Conventional wisdom in the advertising industry is that repetition is effective until it isn’t. In other words, for a period of time when the images are novel, repeating them frequently is a powerful way to get attention and stay on your audience’s radar. But eventually, people become so familiar with the images that we stop noticing them. This is known as the wear in/ wear out theory.

How to Keep Your COVID-19 Signs Powerful

If you are updating your COVID-19 signs with new ones that say something slightly different but are otherwise the same, your audience is likely to just stop seeing them. The challenge is to include some new graphic elements while retaining the familiar basics.

One way to do this is to add some seasonal images. Adding Christmas motifs to your large posters and wall graphics can be a powerful way to capture attention. Whether you’re reopening your premises, introducing new policies such as click and collect or simply expecting a greater flow of customers, it is vital to get your message across clearly and concisely. After Christmas, you can keep things current with images for New Years, St Valentine’s and Paddy’s Day.

Another way to keep your COVID-19 signage distinctive and impactful is to incorporate your own logo and related images on your yellow and black large posters and wall graphics. Less is more here. You don’t want to use so much of your own images that they compete with the key messages, just enough to grab the eye.

Graphic elements don’t have to be pictures. It can be as simple as arranging the words of the message in the shape of a Christmas tree or a heart. If you are concerned about keeping your COVID-19 signage fresh and impactful, our team is on hand to discuss some options. Whether you are looking for large posters, wall graphics, floor sticks, menus or leaflets, we can work with you to create a piece that will get attention and get your message out clearly.