Importance of Wall Graphics for Safety

Never has the importance of floor and wall graphics been more evident than during the current pandemic when retail outlets need to give customers clear, instantly understood directions about keeping an appropriate physical distance apart. These graphics are powerful. Their message is immediate, visible and unmissable. When safety is an issue as it is now, this is critical.

Printing services have developed new techniques and equipment to provide large scale posters and graphics in recent years, and this makes it easier than ever for any type of business to make their key messages impossible to overlook. When it comes to signage, size matters. If your message needs to be seen by everyone on the premises, it must be large and bright. Wall graphics are a powerful way to communicate because they can be huge and colourful. They are also enduring. Because of the materials used and the way they are affixed directly to the wall, they withstand a lot. In areas with a lot of people passing through or where they are exposed to changing temperatures and humidity levels where many types of signage are easily damaged, wall graphics remain visible and easy to read. They are also great to help signalising medical facilities and hospitals and are quickly becoming one of the most popular printing services.

How to Use Wall Graphics to Improve Safety

While the current situation has made the value of wall and floor graphics obvious, this is not the only situation they can help keep people safe. Wall graphics can warn people, both staff, customers and visitors, of a range of dangers as well as instructing them about how to navigate their way through the building.

Safety is always an issue in medical settings. Hospitals and other clinical settings can include sterile zones, explosive gases, flammable substances and imaging equipment that uses radiation. Clinical settings can also be overwhelming for both patients and their visitors. Clear, simple directional signs can help make them more confident in making their way through the building.  Wall graphics in medical facilities can direct people to various locations in the building as well as make it clear what they need to do when they arrive at their destination.

COVID-19 Social Distancing Signs & Posters

Our range of printing services includes wall graphics and other types of signage to help you ensure the safety of everyone in your premises. Our products include COVID-19 Social Distancing Floor Stickers, Construction Industry Federation Social Distancing Signs, Coronavirus Information stands both internal and external, physical distancing signage and much more. Visit our dedicated page to see all the range and request a quote. 

If you want to learn more about the best kind of signage to promote safety in your premises, contact us. We’re here to help.