How to Create Business Cards That Sell

All business cards have one core function: to sell. When you create business cards, it is important to focus on that. Even professionals who offer an essential service such as doctors, solicitors or accountants have to compete for business. Whether it is a retail product or service such as a clothing store or a travel agent or B2B sales such as a cleaning service or office furniture, the point of giving someone your business card is to hopefully do business with them.

Like every aspect of marketing, knowing your audience is critical. What appeals to one group of people will not necessarily attract everyone. When you create business cards, they need to reflect your brand image, which should be carefully crafted to speak to your target audience. Your cards should feature your logo and reflect the general look of your brand so people connect them with you at a glance, before they even read the details.

Beyond that, though, how can you create business cards that sell? What about your business cards can motivate someone to choose your brand?

Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Business Cards

- Do leave some white space. It’s attractive to the eye and allows people to make notes on your cards. White space does not need to be white – any light shade will work.

- Do use your brand’s logo colours in the design when you create business cards.Don’t clutter your card with too much detail. This is hard! You want to include the important contact information and a very short tagline, but don’t go overboard listing every product or service you sell.

- Do use both sides of the card. The reverse of the card is a good place to repeat your logo and list some key product or service categories or your tagline.

- Don’t go for non-standard size. This makes your card inconvenient. It’s the wrong way to stand out.

- Do look for other ways to make your card stand out. Rounded corners, vivid colours, special finishes, use your own photo and textured papers will help your card catch eyes without being annoying.

One of the most important things comes after you create business cards. Remember to keep them on you and hand them out whenever it is appropriate. Don’t leave them on the counter of your premises gathering dust. Be proactive and give them to people as they leave. The whole point is to get them into people’s hands, so don’t miss an opportunity. You might think there is little point in giving one to someone who is already a customer, but having your business card makes it easier for them to refer a friend to your company.

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