Help Your Customers Keep Their Distance

With customers returning to shops, offices, restaurants and other business venues, one of the best ways to ensure everyone’s safety is to promote physical distancing. The current recommendation in Ireland is for people to keep two metres apart in indoor, public spaces. This affects queuing to enter and to make purchases, sitting in waiting areas and more. People are finding this challenging for a few reasons, but having COVID-19 floor stickers and large posters to mark distance can be an effective way to promote safety in your business premises.

Keeping two metres apart requires a bit of focus and concentration. When we enter a store, restaurant or office, our attention naturally shifts to whatever we are there to do – shop, eat or conduct business. It is only human to lose the focus on keeping two metres when we have something to accomplish. The other challenge is that most of us are not great at estimating distances. We learn to do it when we learn to drive a car, and we know how tall we are. But this does not necessarily translate to estimating horizontal distances when we are standing still or walking slowly. That’s why COVID-19 floor stickers, wall graphics and large posters marking two metres of distance are so important as Ireland reopens.

How to Show Two Metres Effectively with Floor Stickers & Wall Graphics

The goal is to demonstrate to people how far apart they should be while on your premises while also ensuring the mood is welcoming and friendly. This can be a challenge! But by getting your COVID-19 floor stickers and wall graphics custom printed, you can include a warm message about how much you value your customers. You can also include some branding such as a simple logo.

  • Signalising the entrance: place large posters and wall graphics at your doorway and in your lobby or at the tills to explain clearly what your process is. Is it a simple queue, or should they wait for a member of staff to approach them?
  • Use floor stickers: these are a great way to signalise two meters apart to illustrate exactly where people should stand in a queue or how far back from a counter they should wait for their turn. You can use this to prevent people from queuing in cramped areas.
  • Signalising factors and offices: In a factory or office, you can use floor stickers to mark out each person’s work area and remind others not to enter the marked space to preserve their two metres of distance. You can also have personalised posters to inform the need for a facial cover when approaching the building entrance.
  • Shared equipment security: if there is shared equipment, use large posters to provide instructions on how staff should maintain distance and floor stickers to show where people should wait for the equipment to become available.
  • Breakrooms and other areas: Floor stickers and large posters are also useful for explaining policies for breakrooms and marking out distance,  so people do not sit too close together or stand too close using kettles or microwaves.

Signage in the distinctive bright yellow and black makes the message is about COVID-19 safety it immediately clear the message is about COVID-19 safety. 

Businesses have always taken steps to keep our customers and staff safe, from requiring appropriate training and safety gear to using non-slip flooring to putting out yellow warning triangles when floors have been mopped.

The COVID-19 crisis means we need to expand our efforts, so both customers and staff know they are reasonably safe with us. Reminding people to maintain a distance of two metres with appropriate COVID-19 floor stickers, large posters, and wall graphics is a crucial part of the effort to prevent a second wave of illness. Our team at Printwise is ready to provide you with all information about COVID-19 social distancing signs and posters, and also help you with all with your print needs. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.