Getting More from Large Posters

Posters are powerful promotional tools. Consider how iconic movie posters are. They’re ads, but people buy them to hang up in their homes. Some other types of brands have managed to achieve such a status. Vintage Guinness ad posters are iconic and even people who don’t like stout love them. Modern poster printing technology means you can get extra large posters for advertising with massive impact. So what does your company need to know about using large posters? How can you get the largest benefit from these giant posters?

One of the most important things to realise is that for large poster printing, you need excellent images. Because the images are being enlarged, it is essential that they are excellent quality, sharply focused and high resolution. Details, including those in the setting or background, will be magnified. Understanding that means you can design your images to take advantage of it rather than be surprised by how some detail in the finished product leaps out at you.

Ideally, large posters should be behind glass or clear plastic to protect them, even if they are indoors. Choose a type of glass or plastic that does not create glare so people can see the posters clearly from all angles. This set up also means you can wipe the glass or plastic clean easily to keep the poster looking great over time.

How to Use Large Posters

Large poster can be used a variety of ways to set the mood in your premises, whether it is a retail shop or an office, or to promote products. However you use them, remember that they can be smoothly incorporated into your branding. Poster printing can use filters to create the right colour palette and include your brand logo.

  • Set the mood with oversized posters depicting people enjoying your products. You can use photos of people in settings where they would enjoy your products, at home, in the garden, wherever they would use them in real life.
  • Show how your product is made. For example, large posters can show scenes from a kitchen where baked goods or meals are being prepared or a workshop with ceramics or woodwork items being created.
  • Announce what is available in what part of your outlet. You can use these easily seen posters showing photos of the items available so people can see at a glance what products are across the store.
  • Promote specials such as Christmas gifts, back to school items with unmissable, high-impact large posters featuring scenes of your products. Images with people using the items are the most powerful.
  • Give more information. You don’t want to clutter a large poster with lots of words, but you can use them to give information visually. For example, you can have a huge map showing your business’s locations or where the raw materials for your products come from. A simple visual showing the steps of a process, creating a product or selecting an insurance policy, is another example.

Remember that people will be looking at your large poster from a distance, so keep the visuals simple and striking for maximum impact. If you need more information about large poster printing or other large format printing services and it's benefits, don't hesitate to contact us today.