Flyer Printing or Online Advertising?

Some people still think it is a question of print advertising versus digital marketing. They think they should pick one area and put all of their marketing resources into it. Choosing one while ignoring the other leaves you with one hand tied behind your back. For the greatest return on investment, all of your marketing efforts should be coordinated. If the sales brochures and promotional flyers are totally unrelated to the digital marketing, you are basically competing with yourself and diluting the power of both. Instead, look at both print and digital as two tools to help you reach the same end – increased sales. So the real question is not which is better, but how can they work together to boost brand awareness and ultimately sales?

Absolutely everything related to your company should present your brand consistently. The website, sales brochures, promo flyer printing, bags, print advertising, packaging, social media profiles, coupons, ads on other websites, signage, and everything else your audience sees should use the same logo, colour scheme and fonts. That is what builds your brand identity. But you can do a lot more than that to ensure that brochure and flyer printing enhance your digital marketing efforts.

3 Ways to Use Brochure & Flyer Printing to Build a Following Online

If your business is ready to integrate your digital media and print campaigns, here are three key ways that your sales brochures and promotional flyers can work to boost your online efforts.

Use your website URL on all printed materials

– including your promotional flyers and sales brochures. Put it with the contact details such as your phone, email and address, but also try to use it in other places. Make it prominent so people can see it at a glance. You can also use a website to test the effectiveness and ROI of your flyers. Create a specific landing page and use that URL on the promotional flyers (but not anywhere else). Compare the number of hits to that page with the number of promo flyers to see how effective the flyers are.

Try a QR code on your printed materials.

QR codes, those funny squares, are a scannable barcode that provides a link to your website. This is a great way to give people more details on your offer than fit comfortably in the space available. They see the most important and compelling information on your promotional flyers, and they can scan the QR code to get more information from the website. You can also use this to direct them to a specific landing page to test the response to your flyer.

Give an online discount code on printed materials.

Yes, you can use sales flyers to direct people to your e-commerce site. And if you give them an online code, they have some real motivation to visit your online shop. You’ll also be able to see how many people use the code to check the ROI on your promotional flyers.

These three tactics can make your printed sales materials and your digital marketing best friends, which makes them far more likely to lead to increased sales.

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