Custom Business Cards vs. Templates

In this digital age, you might think it is time to stop using business cards or at least cut down on them. But the truth is people like them. Picking up a business card and popping it into your pocket is still easier than typing out the details or even snapping a photo of a sign. When retailers and restaurants put out business cards, people pick them up. They might keep them to pass on to a friend, or they might jot a note about something they want to get later. At seminars and conferences, business cards are still the most convenient way to exchange details with a new contact.

Beyond all that, business cards also reinforce your brand’s identity. The colours and images used along with your tagline do more to connect the card with your brand than the words printed on it. But of course, the words on it matter!

You have two main options for business cards:

You can save money by choosing a discount template card. Many of them offer a range of colours and design, and they may cost very little.

Or you can choose a quality printing company to make your custom business cards. What you will get is a personalised solution, crafted according to your requirements, that reflects your business' essence and showcase your brand in a unique way.

4 Advantages of Custom Business Cards

1.  Templates limit how you can place your logo and how your card is designed. Typically, you are limited to one drop in graphic. When you work with a quality printing company, you can get a design that really stands out and works with your logo and brand imagery.

2.  If you choose to work with a graphic designer to develop bespoke business cards, you can include the information you want in the way you want. Some businesses have more contact details and require some expert insight to fit them all onto a card. But cookie-cutter template cards don’t offer as much flexibility.

3.  If your logo or colour scheme uses less common shades of colour, you might not be able to match it with template cards. But a quality printing company will let you proof the cards before they are printed so you can ensure everything including the colour is precisely right. Some template card companies do let you return cards if you aren’t happy, but that leaves you without cards for longer.

4.  The biggest advantage of working with experts is that you can indeed work with them. You can ask questions, discuss ideas and come up with a great business card design.  Your company’s cards can be more than a handy way to pass along your contact details. They can proactively work to promote brand recognition and boost your brand identity.

Quality business cards with a great design enhance your profile. They will wind up in wallets and pockets, held to refrigerators and file cabinets with magnets and tucked into diaries and briefcases. They’ll travel far and wide representing you. So they are worth doing right.

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