Create Business Cards with Impact

Business cards are an essential tool of the trade for many trades. Every type of professional – solicitors, electricians, physical therapists, landscapers, dog groomers and everyone else – benefits from having such a convenient way to give their professional details to potential customers. But with everyone using them, how do you make yours stand out without resorting to gimmicks that can backfire? How can you create business cards with real impact that won’t be stuffed into a wallet or drawer and forgotten?

You can find some lovely templates online, but so can your competitors. If your goal is to stand out in a crowded field or make a strong impact, custom business cards can be far more effective. You can fine-tune the colours to achieve the exact hue to match or coordinate with your logo and use your own custom font when you order custom business cards. It also gives you reassurance about the finished product when you can talk it over with an actual human being with extensive experience and expertise in printing. Our in-house design department can help you with that if needed. 

3 Top Tips for Creating Custom Business Cards

Creating a distinctive business card that will get results involves more than just using an eye-catching design. It must be easy to read and include all the vital details such as the company’s website, phone number, email, physical address and hours. Of course, it should be obvious what the company offers! Being vague or mysterious here is likely to backfire.

  • Texture: People don’t just look at your business cards. They also hold them, and having a texture will make the card stand out without making it excessively bright for your brand. A woven, laid or linen texture lends a sense of authority and dignity.  A natural texture conveys a softer, earthy style.

  • Colour: Your custom business cards do not have to be on white card stock. You can choose any shade to make them stand out in a sea of white and cream cards. If it fits your brand, be daring! Just be sure that the colour you use for everything you print on the card contrasts and is easy to read against the colour of the card.

  • Shape: When you create business cards, you can opt for some slight variations that help your card get attention. Rounded corners are a simple variation. A cut out in the centre of the card really has an impact. If your business can use a shape that is not too far off from a rectangle, that can have a great impact. If you opt for an unusual shape, it helps to also opt for heavier card stock and to avoid any shape with corners sharper than a 60-degree angle as it is likely to bend and ruin the shape.

When you work with an experienced printer to create business cards, you have a chance to really have fun with it and deliver a powerful message about your brand. Even if your company needs to project a very serious and professional image, you can use texture and subtle differences in colour and shape to make your custom business cards stand out and get results.

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