Three top trends to create business cards for 2020

When you create business cards, you want them to stand out. We’ve seen a few strong trends emerging that we expect to become even more important in 2020. The most important thing is that your cards are part of your overall branding and use the same colours, logos and motifs. But if you are redesigning your custom business cards now, keep these three trends in mind to show that your brand is fresh and up with today’s styles.

  1. Retro Chic
    The look of the turn of the century is back. Not the most recent turn of the century, the one before that. For a fresh look when you create business cards, borrow some style from 100 years ago. This era is having a huge impact on men’s fashion right now and on graphic design in many fields. Include some nostalgic fonts and flourishes on your custom business cards to appeal to a fashion-conscious audience while also bringing some focus to your brand’s old fashioned trustworthiness.
  2. Down to Earth
    Business cards don’t have to be formal and bland. Make your card the one that gets picked to contact by projecting a warm, approachable image. It isn’t easy for everyone to pick up the phone. Break the ice with a card that shows your brand is friendly and relaxed. Use casual fonts, soft colours and nature motifs when you create business cards for 2020. Green looks set to be a hot colour; just make sure you use hues that fit in with your company’s logo colours.
  3. Overlays
    Make the best use of this very small space by using overlays on your custom business cards. This allows you to use the image you want without losing valuable space. It also makes your card stand out in a pile of plain, white ones. It’s easy to combine this trend with either or both of the previous two. Choosing the right image is critical so your text is easy to read. Colour is also very important for this look. Bold colours over a black and white image are very striking.

Custom business cards give you a chance to have cards that are a fundamental part of your branding. When you create business cards instead of choosing a template, you can use the exact fonts, shades of colour and imagery that best reflect your brand and weave seamlessly into your overall marketing efforts. Forget bland. Go for cards that will get calls.

Our experienced staff can work with you to design the perfect business card for your brand. We can explain how to select fonts and images that will be clear and readable on a standard sized business card. If you have questions about how to create business cards, contact us today.