COVID-19 Signage for Your Shop

The signage you use in your shop has always been important for sales and for safety, but as we take more cautious steps toward our new normal, it is more critical than ever before. Clear, easily read COVID-19 signage not only makes your shop a safer place, but it also demonstrates to customers that their safety is paramount and that your staff is up to the job of organising a safe shopping venue. COVID-19 floor stickers can show where to stand in a queue and direct one-way movement around the shop floor, while pull up banners and large wall posters can remind everyone of the protocol with hand sanitiser and physical distancing. Many businesses will need both indoor and outdoor COVID-19 signage.

Regardless of whether you have a large clothing or toy store or a cosy bookshop or a restaurant launching a take-away service, the right COVID-19 signage sends a clear message to your clientele. Your signage needs to be highly visible and simple. We’re a bit overwhelmed with information, so your visitors will appreciate signs that can be read and understood at a glance. The distinctive bright yellow with black lettering immediately tells people that the information will help them stay safe from this new coronavirus. But what exactly do you need? What kind of COVID-19 floor stickers and signage are appropriate and what are your options?

Picking the Right COVID-19 Signage

Different businesses have different COVID-19 signage requirements. While all places open to the public need some core messages about physical distancing and hand hygiene, shops will have different needs about signs to instruct people about how to move through the premises, queue, etc. A restaurant or large store will need signs to direct staff as well as customers, while a small business staffed only by the owner will just need signs for customers. So what does your business need to keep your customers and staff safe?

  • Outdoors: Let people know you are open for business and inform them of your safety protocol before they even enter your premises with window posters and stickers and sturdy Windmaster Display Stand. This is a durable investment that will serve you long after this crisis has passed, and it is easy to change the A1 size posters.

  • Indoors: Remind people to use your hand sanitiser and follow protocol for distancing, coughing, etc with high visibility posters and pull up banners. We have the right size for your premises.

  • Floors: Show your visitors exactly where to stand in queue and how to follow a one-way system through your shop with durable COVID-19 floor stickers. These stickers stand up to traffic and give your visitors tremendous peace of mind.

Do you need custom COVID-19 signage? We can produce posters, wall graphics and floor stickers to meet your business’s specific needs. Whether you want to suggest people wear masks or limit the number of people in a group, we can create bright, easily read COVID-19 floor stickers and signage to do the job.