Planning a Successful Corporate Event Invitation

Every type of business can benefit from holding events that draw people in, whether it is a shop hosting a product launch or a financial advisor holding a seminar on retirement planning or a wholesale manufacturer educating retailers about their product. Events give people a chance to connect with your company face-to-face. It’s so easy today to rely on social media and email. Those are powerful and critical marketing tools. But a personal connection made at a corporate event can give any company the edge over the competition.

Successful planning starts with good corporate event invitation design, invitation printing, and continues right through to the materials participants take home.


Good event planning focuses on three key factors:
purpose, location and theme.
All of these should be prominent on the corporate event invitation card.


To draw people, an event must have a clear purpose. People have to know exactly why they are going and what they can expect to get there. An invite that gives attendees a real benefit is going to draw more people than an invite that resembles a very long sales pitch. Location can also be a deciding factor for many people. Find a place that is convenient and comfortable with all the amenities your event needs such as appropriate seating, catering, and a screen if needed. Having a theme ties it all together and can add an element of fun: "Retirement Planning” doesn't sound very exciting, but “Funding Your Post-Employment Adventures” is more enticing.


Getting People to Your Corporate Events

The first and foremost thing is to get people to your event. It’s a given today that promoting an event on social media and emailing event invitations are essential. But to make it stand out, it is worth investing in written invitations. You might be handing out corporate event invitation cards at your bricks and mortar premises, or you might be posting them to a list of clients and potential clients. They should give people a good idea of what to expect and how the event will benefit them – and that can be conveyed by more than the text itself. Either way, your corporate event invitation design and the invitation printing itself can make your event stand out, and determine its success. Using templates you find online and printing them in cheap paper using incorrect methods will undermine that.

Your corporate event invitation design should also reinforce your brand identity. The invitation cards should use your logo and brand colours so people know at a glance who is hosting this event. The materials you distribute at the event should be professionally designed and printed to match the invitations. Be sure to send the invitations out well in advance.

Whatever the focus of your event, what will stick out in people’s minds is the personal touch and consideration reflected in a printed corporate event invitation card. Jotting a quick handwritten note on the invites makes them even more compelling, and even selecting the right type of paper can make a difference. If you are unsure which type of paper is the most adequate, our team of specialists can help you with your query.

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