Can Printing Services Keep Your Company on Trend?

Printing and design trends come and go, and at the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to check and decide how applying those trends to your brand and business is a good idea. Printing services can take a massive part in giving your brand a modern look, whether in a large scale poster or a new run of leaflet printing. Before you get worried: graphic design and printing trends can easily be incorporated both to digital and printing materials, making your brand look fantastic. 

In the year ahead, Minimalism is predicted to continue to gain popularity. The mantra “less is more” is still gaining popularity amongst designers, and it is becoming quite popular on web design as well. That’s a trend that can show the quality of the printing services you choose. If you are planning to change the layout of your booklets and brochures, for instance, you can leverage on the variations of sizes and patterns available for that kind of material and create a minimalistic yet effective content to catch your customer’s eyes. 

Vibrant colours are also expected to dominate and can be the key to making a customer choose you over a competitor. But before changing all your business cards and flyers to include that pink tone that you see everywhere, ask yourself: “Does this represents my brand values?”. “Will my clients recognise my brand through those changes?”. A simple way to adapt and keep your authenticity is to pick variations of your brand colours and give them a more vibrant tone.   

Another trend that is prominent to take control of printing services and graphic design in 2020 is to use words as graphics. Masking images and words can do that or to use the words themselves to express what an image sometimes portrays. This can work especially well on flyers and poster printing, but also be easily incorporated into a wide range of materials.  

How to Update Your Look

Applying these and other graphic design and printing trends to your next batch of printing materials can have a significant impact. Of course, depending on your colours, logo and audience, it will be wise to follow your industry patterns and decide based on what is best for your brand and what can be done to improve your customer’s relationship with it. Hospitals are well known for using neutral colours on their materials, while food and beverage providers are the ones incorporating more vibrant colour to theirs.  

Taking all the above into consideration, updating your look will depend on how your company wants to present itself, which impact do you want to generate and how much of the trends influence you wish to include on them. 

Whatever type of printing services you need in 2020 and whatever look you use for your materials, the critical thing is quality. Whether you need a range of coordinated materials for a conference or training event or just a standard run of leaflet printing, our team will create high-quality materials that stand out and get read. We offer fast turn-around time and competitive rates. Contact us to talk about how we can make your materials stunning and effective.