Make Your Business Christmas Cards Matter

This is a holiday where we won’t see much celebrating with clients or greeting customers in person. So it’s also a year when your company Christmas card matters more than ever. Businesses started sending out holiday greetings long ago for some very good reasons, and the tradition has held on because it still works. Before you contact your printing services company with your order, consider what your business Christmas cards can do.

These cards forge a connection with your clients. When done right, they achieve more than just getting noticed. Christmas cards can not only remind your clients that you exist but of exactly who you are and why they do business with you. They show your clients that you remember who they are, and that you value their business. We all crave human connections, and they can really be lacking in the modern world, especially right now. Using quality printing services to create your company Christmas cards is a way to reach out on a human level. It’s far more personal than a sales brochure!

Do’s and Don’t for Your Company Christmas Cards

Your company Christmas cards can be a powerful marketing tool or they can be clutter. These details make the difference.

  • Have staff sign the cards and add personal notes as appropriate. If your company has a lot of staff, you can limit this to just the staff the card’s recipient would be in contact with. Real handwritten signatures will be a little harder to get this year with people working from home, but they’ll mean more because of that. You can also opt for a printed version of the handwritten signature, which is ideal both to bring proximity and to make sure the procedure is safe;

  • Don’t add any kind of sales information. That undermines the relationship building process. Save that for the new year, and you will see the benefit of the Christmas card to your sales because your company will be that much fresher in their minds.

  • Send them out well in advance of Christmas. No date in December is too early. The sooner they arrive, the more they will be seen and noticed.

  •  Avoid generic Christmas cards. Using professional printing services to create a unique card will mean yours stands out. You can use a picture of your shop front in winter to reinforce your branding.

  • Check and double-check that you are spelling everyone’s name correctly, including support staff. Odds are good the receptionist or secretary will be opening the cards, and remember they are the gatekeepers for many organisations. Include them in your greetings.

  • Unless it is central to your company’s identity or purpose, avoid overtly religious greetings. You don’t always know how people celebrate, or indeed if they celebrate. A simple, inclusive message is best for business Christmas cards.

  • Be optimistic. Focus your message on the year ahead and the hopes we all share for a healthier and happier 2021.

This pandemic has really shown us the value of technology for keeping in touch, but nothing can replace a holiday card you can hold in your hands and glance at in the office. Our printing services can help you deliver a distinctive message to your associates this year with custom business Christmas cards.