Bring Nature in with Wall Graphics

The great outdoors is a natural stress reliever. Nothing relaxes people like being out in nature, whether it is a stroll along the beach or a hike in a forest. And nothing stresses us out like working in an office or sitting in a medical waiting room. But with the right wall graphics, you can bring a bit of nature’s magic into the most stressful settings to introduce a sense of peace and tranquillity. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that images of nature induced many of the benefits of actually being out in nature.

Wall graphics today can cover an entire wall or replicate a window with a view of a forest, flower garden, beach or distant mountains. Bringing this kind of innovating decoration to a busy office can improve focus and reduce stress. A waiting room or lobby with a wall of nature distracts people from their worries and can also inspire the imagination of children who could otherwise become very bored while waiting. Wall graphics can also be used to bring a sense of nature into a restaurant or café.

How to Make the Most of Nature-Themed Wall Graphics

Once you’ve settled on a scene for your wall graphics, you can coordinate the rest of the décor in the area to enhance it, whether it is a woods, a beach or a garden. You can choose colours to work with the image on the walls.

  • Floor coverings can bring the feel of the image through the whole room. Choose a sandy carpet or linoleum for a beach scene, brown or tan for a forest or green for a garden.
  • Use real potted plants to enhance the mood. Ferns and spider plants compliment a woodsy scene while a yucca tree can impersonate a palm if you choose a beach scene. Bonus – potted plants also improve air quality.
  • Look for ways to blend the rest of the space with the look, whether it is furniture or window dressings in colours that coordinate. The idea is that the wall graphic is part of the room, not contrast to it.
  • Details can really make it in a waiting room or lobby. If your space is child-friendly, look for toys and books that work with the nature scene. For the adults, include some magazines that focus on gardening, outdoor activities or travel.

Wall graphics are a simple and powerful way to create a mood in your office, lobby or waiting area. And nature is a theme that induces calm and relaxation, which is great for nervous patients, staff under pressure, stressed-out clients, bored children and pretty much everyone. Contact us to see how we can help you bring more nature to your business with powerful wall graphics.