How to Get the Best Value Leaflet Printing

When you are investing in new leaflets, you want to get the best return for that investment possible. That means getting the best quality leaflets at the best price. When you are choosing printing services for your business, too often it can feel like you must prioritise either quality, speed or price. It helps to know some relevant details about leaflet printing to help you make the best choice of printing services.

Quantity and Quality

The best type of printing process for your leaflets depends on the quantity being printed. At Printwise, we provide both digital and lithographic printing services, and our team is also ready to clarify the differences between those two printing options and what’s best for your need. The more leaflets you print with lithographic, the lower the price per unit. That makes it a good choice for large print runs, while digital is more economical for smaller runs. We can provide lithographic printing for orders of 250 or more leaflets, so you don’t have to order a huge number to get the superior precision lithographic offset printing offers in terms of precise shades of colour, the detail of ornate fonts and the clarity for small print and images.

What’s Included in the Leaflet Printing Price?

A quote can sound great until you realise it does not include everything you need to be done. When you get a quote for any type of printing services, ask for the details of what is included. When you need a run of leaflets or brochures in a hurry, it’s more than disappointing to get them and see they aren’t folded. At Printwise, we take finishing seriously and can offer a complete range of services including folding, perforating, laminating, collating, index tabbing, shrink wrapping and more to provide you with high quality printed materials that are ready to go.

Flexibility with Artwork

Images are a vital part of printing. The quality of the image provided is paramount, but how customers deliver that image digitally can be an issue for some printers. While we strongly recommend customers send high-resolution (300 dpi) PDFs, we can accept other formats. We accept images via email, Dropbox, memory stick or any cloud-based file transfer services. The convenience of using the method that is easiest for you means you save time and hassle, and we recognise that your time has value. If you have any questions about images, we are happy to discuss the best options.

The best value isn’t always the lowest price. What you get for that price is important. If you have to spend more time and/or money after printing leaflets to get them ready to distribute, that is not good value.

At Printwise, we believe good value in printing services means offering the flexibility to give you exactly what you want as conveniently as possible, while also ensuring that every project is excellent quality. When you need leaflet printing, we’re here to answer any questions you have. Contact us today and get a quote for your leaflets printing or any other printing service you need.