Add Seasonal Touches to Your Flyer Design

Are you considering a seasonal flyer design change? The holiday season is upon us, and towns and villages across Ireland are decorating their streets. Businesses large and small are also painting Christmas stockings on their windows and putting up Christmas trees. Sales are on, and it’s time to promote them with seasonal flyers and brochures. Of course, adding some festive touches to your marketing flyers is a fun idea.

Obviously flyers for Christmas sales need a Christmas theme, but what about your regular sales flyers? What if your product or service doesn’t have a clear tie to Christmas? Adding a festive flourish is still a good idea for several reasons. Seasonal flyer designs add a warm, personal touch that promotes engagement with potential customers. People will also see at a gland that your sales flyers are current and that your company is on the ball.

But how do you do it? Should you alter your logo for these once-off flyers? Do you need to hire a graphic designer to prepare a special holiday version of your company’s logo? What motifs are best?

Simple Tricks for Seasonal Sales Flyer Design

The first question to answer is whether you want to use the flyers after December 25th. If they are for a promotion or event that ends at or before Christmas, consider a specifically Christmas themed design such as a decorated tree, Santa Claus and/ or his reindeer, a star, a Christmas stocking, candy canes, holly leaves or a nativity scene. Which symbols are most in keeping with your brand’s identity? If you want to be able to use the sales flyers after the big day, a winter motif is just as effective. It communicates the same messages about your company being friendly, fun and up to date. Snowflakes, snowmen, toboggans, mittens and snow-covered trees can all work well.

Colour is a powerful force in your brand identity and flyer design. It catches the eye before the brain registers the rest of the logo. So altering the colours of your logo for a season can undermine your big-picture efforts to build brand recognition. Matching the colours in the seasonal motif to your regular logo colours works best. That’s why it is important to work with a quality printing company that can help you get the colour scheme just right.

If your logo colours are jewel-toned, a rich, deep burgundy red will be beautiful while a brighter shade might jar the eye, for example. Red and green are opposites on the colour wheel, and an expert can advise you about whether your logo will look better featuring one of them or both. Seasonal flyer design involves a lot more than perching a Santa hat atop your logo. Much depends upon your audience. Are they more focused on their children’s enjoyment of Santa, holiday romance, festive foods or elegant nights out? How does your brand fit into their holiday season? Knowing your audience and how your products or services can enhance the season is the key to picking the right motif for seasonal sales flyers.